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[pct-l] Calories...

While I am a section hiker and don't have the experience of 20+ miles a day
for four or five months, I had the following experiences with food and
energy and losing weight.  I'm 6'1" and weighed 220 when I began my last
hike, 35 days.  I planned on 4500 plus or minus calories a day.  The first
two weeks I had to choke down everything but the gorp and lunch.  After the
first two weeks I still had to choke down breakfast and dinner, but did so
realizing I was losing weight and was unable to do my planned 16-20 miles a
day without getting very spacy, emotional and tired if I didn't.  My
emotional lows were far more difficult than phyiscal pain to deal with.  And
I believe emotional lows are triggered by not enough calories, or at least
this is a major factor in the "trip blues".  

I lost 15 pounds in 35 days eating about 4500 calories a day.  And this
included increasing the size of the muscles in my legs.  I can eat a lot and
not gain weight, or at least I could until the mid-forties hit.  This meant
I carried nearly 3 pounds a day in food and felt like a beast of burden on
those days when I carried more than four days of food.  

Jeffrey Olson
Seattle Washington...

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