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[pct-l] Response to Booties n' Dogs

I did an entire thru-hike of the trail in '82. I met a couple at the Mexican 
Border who brought their dog, Rieley, and hiked off-and-on with them the 
first week of the trip. I hadn't seen them for quite awhile, and later 
learned through the registers that they were continuing the trail north of 
the Sierra Nevada (late winter. word was it was avalanche and white-out 
conditions,once I reached Lake Isabella). The trail register mentioned how 
they had to send Riley home, that although they had leather booties made for 
him(?) his feet weren't able to hack it. 

I'm getting most of my PCT e-mail bounced back with error messages. Are any 
of you seeing this posted? I'm kinda new at this.
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