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[pct-l] Ice Axes-Carl

My ice-axe was chosen long enough to also serve as a hiking staff (long 
enough for a slight bend in the arm while the point is on firm ground). I 
rarely carried on my pack. If I didn't use it like a staff, I held it one 
hand with the loop around my wrist. If you're traversing any snowfields 
(slight chance in May?) you'll want the point, while the axe is held in your 
uphill hand. One problem with the painted aluminum shafts is after time the 
paint will wear away and you'll get a never ending source of black oxidation 
on your hand. Maybe tape like they use on baseball bats can prevent this and 
provide a degree of insulation. 

If your unfamiliar with self-arrest techniques, you should consider 
reviewing a good mountaineering book such as those from the Seattle 
Mountaineers, and practice them. The techique variation is dependent on 
which way you fall. The head first, on your back, is by far the most fun to 
practice on a steep slope!

-Ken Marlow
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