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[pct-l] Re: [at-l] quiet?

At 02:43 AM 3/12/97 +0000, John Koch wrote:
>have any of you hiked in lederhose?

That's quite a personal question, don't ya think????  No, really, what the
heck is a "lederhose"?

>and does 
>anyone know of alien abductions among long distant hikers?

Nope, but I did  hear on the radio yesterday morning that for $1,000 (or
some un-godly amount like that) one can get "alien abduction insurance".  To
get your money, you have to bring back papers signed by the aliens or
somehing.  Really, folks, I honestly heard this on WGIR out of Manchester --
it wasn't just the "voices" in my head this time!!!  

Why do I see this being followed up by a Bamaman post??

:) Poohbear
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