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[pct-l] Hi, and some questions

Carl Mears writes:
 > Hi everybody--
 > Food:    By what fraction do you think daily caloric intake increases?  If
 >          I usually eat, say 2500 calories, will I suddenly be eating 4500?
 >          I definitely don't want to pack too much food!

On a much shorter hike down the JMT, I found that the "feeds two"
freeze dried stuff fed one.  I had packed what I thought was 15 days
of food and ate it all in 9 days.  I usually over pack food.

Although that's not as bad as when I rode my bike from Illinois to
Oregon (pronounced Oregun).  I found then I could eat an entire large
pizza for lunch.

I'd say you should expect a noticable increase in your caloric needs.
Ofcourse that depends on what you normally do.  If you are farm hand
or a devoted athelete, you might not notice a change.  If you are like
me and sit in at a desk all day then expect a big change.

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