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[pct-l] Steve-Tents

I've used both free-standing and those tents that aren't over the years. In 
cases where you can't stake a tent down and have to use rocks, a 
free-standing tent of course is more convenient. I've been using a North 
Face Westwind (non free-standing) the past six years and have found those 
cases where I couldn't stake the tent down, rare.
   What I really dislike about tunnel tents like mine, and what you might 
want to consider when purchasing a tent for two, to be used on extended 
trips, is the hassle of having a small single door. Additionally, these 
styles are a pain if you want to cook or boil water just outside your tent, 
while keeping your legs in the warmth of a sleeping bag. I'm still looking 
for a lightweight tent that will have two doors and vestibules off to each 
person's side, much like the half dome styles. The North Face's new Nebula 
comes close, but it sure isn't light. That Arch Rival looks like it could be 
a good choice. Walrus makes light, quality tents. Why can't The North Face 
keep their tent weights down?

-Ken M.
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