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[pct-l] Flicka & Jane Hike: Initial Help

With my apologies for posting to the entire
list, this post is for

Peter Sandiford and Debbie Higgins

(and any others on the list who would be 
 willing to provide comments / suggestions /
 ????? ...)

Dear Peter and Debbie,

I'm Flicka's uncle, and a newbie both to this
list and to hiking.  Barbara, my sister, has
told me that you two will be guiding a group
from Echo Lake to Tuolomne Meadows during
the last two weeks of August as part of our
tribute to Flicka and Jane's memory.  Thank
you very much for committing your time and
energy to this effort.

I hope to be able to join but, frankly, I'm not
sure that these ol' bones will be able to make it.  
Although I did a lot of camping in my
younger days, I've never done any hiking except
occasional day hikes.  So, I'm starting to
work out and trying to stretch my stamina to
the point where I can do the 10 miles per
day that we have to cover.  (Brick was kind
enough to give me the location of Chris'
elevation profiles, so I have a good idea
of what the trail will be like....)

At this point, I have so many questions that
I don't know where to start.  So, let me ask
you the most basic:  On the assumption that
we can re-supply in 3-day intervals, what's
your guess as to how much total weight (pack,
tent, bag, food, everything) I'll need to be able
to carry?  Maybe, you could give me a 'minimum'
(absolutely *the least* amount that I would need)
and a 'desirable' (what's normal) number.  Without
knowing anything about the gear that I'll be
working with, I realize that this is a pretty
stupid question....  All I'm looking for is
a 'ballpark' so I can start working toward it.

Also, seeing as I'm starting from zero, is there
a particular hiking guide that you would
recommend?  I'll be calling Joe in the PCTA office,
and I guess that I should get the PCTA Trail
Guide.  Anything else?

Your guidance in all matters will be greatly
appreciated.  And, one way or another, I'm
looking forward to meeting you this summer.


Jim Aliferis

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