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Re: [pct-l] Hiking from the border alone?

Ron wrote:

<< My name is Ron Robillard and I will also be in the class of 97.  I am
planning on starting May 4th or 5th, how concerned should I be about doing
the first section alone?? 

IMHO, you should be VERY concerned. The closer to the border you are, the
more concerned you should be. If you just want to be alone on the PCT, you'll
have the last 2,500 miles for being alone.

As recently as one week ago (March 2), I saw 8 "illegals" on the PCT near
Kitchen Creek (this is an area you will pass thru on your second day of
hiking). Although I didn't feel threatened by them, it was a warm,sunny day
and I wasn't a lone camper with all my gear.

I don't want to lump all "illegals" into a group and condem them for trying
to make a better life for themselves and their families, but you have to
understand that you can't lump them all into a group of law abiding citizens
either. By entering the USA illegally, they have already broken the law. The
ones I saw had only a few material things they were carrying in a plastic
grocery bag. They will be living off the land for some time without extra
clothing or protection from the elements. They were headed towards the Laguna
Mountains where 14 illegals died just a few weeks ago when exposed to the
cold temperatures. A lone hiker with a warm sleeping bag, a tent, and a pack
to carry them in could be too much of a temptation for someone needing basic
food and shelter.

I don't know if some hikers think if they ask enough times, someone will say,
"Don't worry about it." There is nothing macho about hiking alone for those
first few days on the PCT. Resist the temptation; live to hike another day
(with your current camping/hiking gear).

Another option for you, Ron, is to get together with those hikers that plan
to leave Campo on May 1. That's only 3 days earlier than you had planned.
Maybe you can adjust your start date?

Happy (and Safe) Hiking,
Charlie Jones

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