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[pct-l] May 1st get-together

Those of you who are thinking of getting together somewhere before you take
off on May first--there are no bars or restaurants in Campo!  There's a
little convenience store there that sells chips and beer and such, but they
don't really like hikers camping behind their place.  Your best (read only)
bet for a restaurant/bar is the one at Cameron Corners, a couple or three
miles to the north of Campo.  It's the closest place, unless you count the
Ice Cream Place (or whatever it's called--it looks like a pink snowball)
across the street, and it's the only one nearby with a liquor license that I
know of.  

You also could get a great greasy hamburger and milkshake at the little
hamburger joint/bait shop in Lake Morena, but you'll be there after a long
first day anyway.  Lake Morena is only about 6 miles from Campo by road, over
19 by trail.  

The lack of restaurants in Campo is just a taste (no pun intended) of what
you'll find on the PCT.  In general, you won't be overwhelmed by the choice
of restaurants and bars along the way.  The few that are close are pretty
famous in PCT lore.  You'll really appreciate them when you do find them,
like the relatively huge city of Big Bear, or at Cascade Locks.  The coffee
shop on the east side of Cajon Pass (I-15), the pancake challenge in Seiad
Valley, Calahan's near Ashland...  and a treat worth saving your money for:
Timberline Lodge (great food, high prices).  Don't miss the detour to
resupply at Vermilion Valley Resort--they've got special deals and a special
place in their hearts for PCT hikers.   Remember, this is much more of a
wilderness trail compared to the AT.  In my experience, a lot of folks think
"it will be just like last summer when I did the AT...." and then they burn
out pretty quickly when they find out it isn't.  

BTW, it's nearly 90 with 20% humidity at Campo today, and the forecasters
expect a dry March.  That can mean high fire danger and a hot, dry time on
the trail... pray for rain!  This weather may also mean less brush for the
ticks and snakes to hide in... always a tradeoff.... Just a week or two ago
we had 6 inches of snow on Mt. Laguna, (all gone now) so you never know what
to expect out here.  

Val (register monitor for Campo and Mt. Laguna)
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