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[pct-l] Excitement!

Hi all!

I usually just lurk here but I had to post today ... I just got my
permit today from PCTA to begin May 1 from Campo.  Suddenly, my
acceptance to the class of '97 just became a little more real, a little
closer, and a whole lot more exciting!

Also, I live at Lake Tahoe and for those of you who are snow-worried
here is an unofficial update:

We've had nothing but spring weather for the last week (into the 50s for
the first time this year) and the snow is dissapearing quickly.  My yard
(elev. 6200') is bare of snow as of yesterday and at Sierra Ski Resort
(where I sometimes work) the snow pack is melting rapidly - a month ago
we had 20' at elev. 8800 but it is now only 12' and the lodge area
(elev. 7200') only has snow around it because the groomers move it in at
night.  This doesn't compare or predict what Forester Pass will be like
in June but unless we get a huge series of storms (the last two
forecasted for two weeks ago dropped a meager 6") the snowpack should be
favorable this year!

Anyway, I'm bouncing off the walls here with excitement and
anticipation, and look forward to meeting some of you on the trail this
summer!  Good luck to us!

-David Ferguson
aka "Clown Foot"

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