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RE: [pct-l] the time is fast approaching

I used an umbrella in the desert for the heat and in Washington for the =
rain, which I highly recommend.  The extra weight is worth the comfort =
while hiking.  If you decide not to carry a tent in Washington, an =
umbrella is also a life saver.

Ok, I used to nylon straps (the kind for strapping gear outside the =
backpack) to secure the umbrella.  I did not stitch anything on the =
backpacks shoulder straps. =20

When I had a taller pack in the desert, I used one nylon strap and =
wrapped it around the bottom of the umbrella with the nylon webbing on =
top of the shoulder strap.  This first strap determined the height of =
the umbrella.  Then I inserted the second nylon strap in the webbing at =
the back of the pack and loop it around the umbrella near the top.  This =
second strap pulled the umbrella back, so it doesn't get in my line of =

Of course, when I got to Washington, I had a smaller pack then and it =
wasn't tall enough for me to properly pull the umbrella back without =
pressing against my clavicle, horizontal bone between your neck and =
shoulder.  Then I remembered, I have my bamboo walking stick (lasted me =
all the way, light, very strong, I used to make lanterns out of them for =
Christmas), so I inserted the bamboo stick through one of the side =
compressors down to one of the pockets.  I then used both nylon straps =
to secure the umbrella to the stick.  This worked great also.

Both of them are internal packs.  Speaking about the two nylon straps, =
when I switched to a smaller pack and had to got through long stretches =
or just wanted to have extra food, I'd used those straps to secure the =
food outside my pack.  I remember leaving Cascade Locks with three =
loaves of bread strapped outside my pack.  Extra half loaf of bread per =
day - wow!

Ben Go
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