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[pct-l] Olallie Lake Guard Station

>Is Olallie Lake Guard Station uasable as a mail drop for '97?? If not what
>would be a good alternate????

Yes, Olallie Lake Guard Station can be used as a mail drop for
1997 through hikers.  The caretakers this year at the station will
be Doneal and Melanie Thornton.  I talked to Doneal today and he
said to send your package to:

     Olallie Lake Guard Station
     c/o Clackamas/Estacada Ranger Station
     595 NW Industrial Way
     Estacada, Oregon  97023

Allow an extra week for your box since you are relying on the USFS
shuttle your box from the ranger station up to the lake.

There has been talk that the USFS will turn Olallie Lake over to
concessionaires.  Doneal says that it will probably happen next
year and he hopes that Melanie and he will be that concessionaire.

The guard station will be open from June 13 to the end of September
every day of the week and will be open till the end of October on
weekends only.

Steve Queen
Mount Hood Area Coordinator
Pacific Crest Trail Association
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