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Re: [pct-l] Trail Guides

At 8:07 AM 2/28/97, CRAFTFAM@aol.com wrote:
>I think the current trail guides are very well written.  The only problem is
>much is condensed into each book.  The AT Books are much smaller and
>The best thing about the AT books is the separate strip maps that accompany
>each book.  I can read about a section,  make notes on the map,  and then
>carry the map and leave the book at home.  I would recommend the PCT coming
>up with
>maps for each section (I assume in the age of computers that USGS maps could
>collated into useable,  affordable, and correctly sized maps.  The maps in
>the book are difficult to read and don't give you a feel for "area".

Yes, but the AT  books are expensive.  I just spent over $100 to get the
maps and guidebook for only HALF the trail.  From what I've heard, the AT
maps are also extremely inaccurate, and most posters on the AT list stopped
carrying the guidebooks after a few sections.  (I'll find out for myself
when I leave for the AT in May).

In any event, I really like the PCT books just the way they are.  If I
could change anything,it would be to provide an optional set of maps
showing a larger area. Unless you do the planning with a AAA or Delorme Map
in in hand, its difficult to figure out where the nearest help/bail out
point is.


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