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[pct-l] JMT Info Please

Hi all,
I'm finally moving back to California after a extended stay on the east =
coast and would like to treat myself to a welcome home hike of the JMT.  =
I would like to start my hike in late July or early Aug, but I'm late in =
planning this, so I do not have hopes of permits into the Mt. Whitney =
"Zoo" (and quite frankly, don't really care).  But I do want to hike as =
much of the JMT as possible, so would any of you fellow hikers please =
answer a few questions.  1)  What are the best places to jump off/on the =
JMT near the Mt. Whitney zone, while still doing as much as the JMT as =
possible?  2) Are Mt. Whitney zone permits (not the ones to hike up to =
the top) still a possibility? =20

Thanks in advance for any information you might have.

Mike (a.k.a. Pack Mule <it's a long story>)

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