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Re: [pct-l] John Muir Trail


<< Another option is to hike from Yosemite Valley to Muir Trail Ranch
southbound, exit via Florence lake and head down to Lone Pine the motorized
way, then hike up to Mt. Whitney and northbound to the Muir Trail Ranch. >>

As long as we are recommending going out on the west side, I'd recommend
leaving by way of Edison Lake and Vermilion Valley Resort. Muir Trail Ranch
has little, if anything, to offer a hiker that's entering or leaving the

Speaking of leaving the trail on the west side and going to Lone Pine, be
sure to check out the road miles before you make that a permanent part of
your plan. There aren't many roads across the Sierras. I believe you'd have
to go as far south as Walker Pass before you could drive east to Highway 395
and north to Lone Pine. 

Consider a rest stop and resupply at Lake Edison; then continue on south to
Mt. Whitney.

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