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[pct-l] John Muir Trail

Iwas planning a trip along part or all of the John Muir Trail and would
appreciate any feedback that I could get from those who have done the
trip.  My trip dates are approximately May 22-June 25 or thereabouts and
realize the snow pack will be substantial at this time.

Also, my hiking partner has had to pull out of the trip and I am looking
now for someone else to go with.  I have done trips in and around Yosemite
before, 5-6 day solo trips.  I also hiked in the Glacier Peak Wilderness
area for a 10d excursion with a friend.  I usually cover 10-15 miles in a
day, but really just want to be out in the wilderness with lots of time
to enjoy, relax and explore...

Would love to hear from someone who would like to do the same....

Sheila Smith

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