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<The blistering seems to happen regardless of the footwear I'm using. It's
happened with Vasque hiking boots and two different brands of running
shoes. It happens if I wear thick socks, thin socks, or wool socks and
liners. Anyone have any tips on how to avoid them?>

Wear your wool socks over some K-mart nylon dress socks. The rubbing will
occur between the two kinds of socks and not on your skin. Second have a
spare pair of each type hanging on the outside of your pack and change back
and forth often. You can rinse the nylon ones and they will dry quickly.
Talcum powder helps keep your feet drier and that helps. Lastly, use
Moleskin BEFORE you get a blister, when you first feel a hot spot. I have
often worn the same piece of Moleskin for days on end with good results.

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