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[pct-l] Re: Relating to others


Most recently, I wrote an advice to someone who is also around your age =
in relating to others.  She is one of the smartest person I know.  It =
goes as follow:

  "As you embark onto this wonderful, complex, sometimes crazy world, =
remember to reach a balance between your self and the outside.  Do not =
lose your self and yet do not go so far as to have lost touch with =
others, for many will not understand.  Take care and may the artist in =
you take you to places that only a few can ever reach."

Similarly, not many people can relate to doing a thru-hike of the PCT.  =
People are different with varying viewpoints.  As Mike said, you are =
lucky that the people close to you can relate to your feelings.  To =
them, you should look for your support.  As for your other friends, it =
really depends on how important it is to you for them to relate to your =
feelings.  If it's not that important, then accept that difference and =
spend your time with them doing things that both of you enjoy, maybe go =
see the movie "The Empire Strikes Back."  If it's important that they =
relate to you, then give them time and maybe even get them involved in =
the preparation and the logistics support or even get them to join you =
for a stretch of the trail. =20

I just want to point out that differences do not mean right or wrong or =
good or bad; it just means we're different.  This is part of growing, =
Bug, and the PCT is already teaching you even before you take your first =
step.  Take care.


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