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[pct-l] re: joyBUG


i can certainly understand your antsyness!  a thruhike is a big endeavor at
any age.  here are some of my own thoughts:

the main thing is you have to want to do this for yourself, not for anyone
else, including your so-called father :).  i have seen (on the AT)
thruhikers who are hiking mostly because their partner is hiking.  they
rarely make it all the way, because it is very hard to hike for someone
else's reasons.  (there are exceptions).

if you are hiking for someone else's reasons, you are going to need alot of
support.  if you are secure with your own reasons, or even know that you
REALLY want to do this but don't know why, the support is nice, even
helpful, but not as necessary.  external support can be most useful when
you THINK you want to do this, but are not quite sure.  in these
situations, you just need time on the trail to decide, and the support can
be extremely helpful in keeping you on the trail in the early miles, giving
you the time to find out for yourself.

often, those who say 'don't go' are those that don't want to go themselves,
and don't know you well enough to know why you might want to go.  you are
right, i think, to discount their advice somewhat.  you are definately
right to value the support from your close friends and family.  you are
lucky that they ARE supportive; others have a harder time convincing those
close to them, if at all.

if you really want to go, then don't worry.  that desire is what you need
most to get from mexico to canada, not the latest titanium gadgetry.  that
desire will allow you to adapt to whatever circumstances are presented to you.

you can be sure that all your virtual pals on this list are supporting you
and every thruhiker this year.  good luck, have fun...

ke kaahawe, AT92, PCTsoon

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Michael Henderson		mikeh@royalrobbins.com

Success is a state of mind that anyone can use to climb their own
mountains.  -- Royal Robbins
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