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Re: [pct-l] Tarps vs. Tents

Qualls, Bill wrote:
> Hi Everyone - I would like to see some more discussion on tarps vs.

Hiya Bill
Can't say about the PCT specifically, but last spring I started using
a tarp.  Weight savings is great but I think tarpping is an art.
My biggist problem was not rain coming down, but running along the 
ground and yes I did pay attention to placement...especially the second
time<<<grin>>>.  Also I'm one of those weird people that skeeters don't 
bite but the June Bugs and Millipedes on the face was maxi yeech.
I though of buying one of those epco tropic screen mini tents that
cover the top half of your body.  But when I added the weight and the
extra hassle of finding the right site with trees in the right spot,
plus the possibility of awaking in a puddle in my new down bag....
I'm shopping for a tent.   YMMV			Kahley
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