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[pct-l] Tarps vs. Tents

Hi Everyone - I would like to see some more discussion on tarps vs.
tents. Jardine makes a strong case for the use of tarps instead of
tents (more living room, easier to pitch in the rain, can cook under
it). The biggest advantage to tents as I see it is mosquito protection.

Does anyone have any experience with and/or opinions about bivy tents?

Or to the extreme, I saw something in the local REI store called 
a cyclops?  I guess it's a bivy sac (overcoat?) for climbers?  It
didn't look like fun for sleeping, but the thought of complete 
shelter (no tent, no bag) for only 2 lbs (?) was thought provoking!

Whatever happened to tube tents? When I was in scouts, that was all
any of us used. I did four one-week trips along to JMT and numerous
weekend trips in So. Cal. w/ a tube tent only. Cheap, easy to pitch,
reasonably good shelter in the rain if you clothespin a poncho to 
the leeward side. 

I have to believe that much of this is marketing: a retailer probably
has to sell 50-100 tube tents, or 10-20 tarps, to make as much profit
as would be made from the sell of one tent.  

Your thoughts?


Bill Qualls

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