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[pct-l] Words from a fool,...

Hey all, 
Since we're all hopping in on this how to hike thing, there are some good
things to point out.
Yes, we can thank Ray for clever ideas that he came across himself and
gathered from many others, whether credited or not, and took the time to
compile them in to one volume. We can also thank the old-schoolers: Harvey
Manning, Colin Fletcher, and the sometimes terrified of snow, Cindy Ross. Not
to mention the pragmatic Chris Townshend. Regardless of their mindsets, they
each have hiked thousands if not tens of thousands of miles, and therefore
are 'experts' in their way of hiking. Advice is always appreciated, but not

As what's become apparent lately on this list is not them, or their attitude,
but us. There is a crazy group out there who is going to attempt to do the
thru this summer, and only a smidgeon of them are on this list. But as we
near our start date of our dream, all this worrying will be over. Thanks to
Ryan, Brick, Roger and many others, they've helped bring back the essence of
what the trail life will be, realistically, not how it has to be, according
to some doctrine. Hearing their views and stories gives us a fresh, sweet
spot to savor while we wait for our own to occur this summer. And our
attitudes about the doctrine are softened to the degree that hopefully it
won't be a big part of the conversations out there.

Sure I've adopted ideas from "THE BOOK," but it's helped me fine tune who I
am, and that would be a "Fast-Slacker!" I'm equipped to go light, but I have
mucho room for food, beautiful rocks, behemoth pine cones for my 8 year old
niece, cans of pringles and tasty beef sticks-yum. And if I want to stop
somewhere, then I will. 
To climb the mountains, soak up the sun, swim the rivers and dance under the
Our ears are open, our nostrils flared, and our eyes soak it all in, only to
let out a chortle, to let the mountains know they have friends who seek the
freedom of their hills.
See you up there, out there, or on the road.
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