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[pct-l] Diamond Lake

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for your active reading enjoyment, check out


Just think, you can take the Mt. Thielsen sidetrip (Map D3, Volume 2)....and
see no forest west of Diamond Lake!

If the "old school" method of thought in our government doesn't change, the
PCT experience won't be one.  BTW, the FS (naughty word) Law Enforcement
told me I should be getting my seized stuff back from them quite soon.  No
they didn't erase the video tapes, nor develop my film.  They just wanted to
keep it out of my hands until the trees were gone.  Which all 55 acres of
the old growth that a bunch of us were trying to save have now all ben cut
down and hauled out.

Our new timber-industry word today class:

"Regeneration Harvest Sale" means "Clearcut"


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