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[pct-l] Message Footer Vote & Small FAQ (from list admin)

Hello All,
	After our discussions last week regarding the use of footers on each
message on our lists, many of you wrote me with suggestions.  Couldn't
have asked for better ideas, constructive criticism and a nicer bunch of
people who care quite a bit the community we have here!

	Most of the people voted to keep the footers on the bottom of each
message, some voted to shorten them and the smallest group voted to
eliminate them.   So, in an effort to accomidate all of us,  I've
decided to shorten the footer to one line, and leave a reference in to
the web page.   In addition, I've added a simple FAQ with instructions
on subscribing, unsub'ing, posting, etc. to the site.   I'm very open to
suggestions as to things to add to the FAQ, so feel free to email me

	The biggest problem that still exists is the inclusion of the footers
at the bottom of each message within the digest editions.   Majordomo
doesn't currently offer a good solution to that problem, but I'm trying
to duct-tape something together.

Thanks again,

Ryan Brooks
"The List Admin"
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