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[pct-l] special slide show on thru-hiking the PCT

Hi to everyone out there.  My name is Stace Beaulieu, and I believe I
have only posted to this list once before.  In any case, I am a San Diego
resident and plan to do the PCT from Mexico to Canada in 1999.

I have just moved into a new place, and I am having a house-warming gathering.  
Although you don't know me, if you are in the San Diego area, you may be
interested in stopping by.  We are going to have vegetarian food (and ask
everyone to bring more...) and we are going to have a slide show by Dan
Rufner and Sarah Sven (also of San Diego).  These two thru-hiked the PCT
last year.

If you would like to come, please drop me a note at stace@ucsd.edu.
It'll be next Wednesday evening (Feb. 19) from 6:30 - 9.

See you on the trail
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