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[pct-l] Campo / tyvek

On November 2nd, I left the Mexican border at 10:40am and got to Lake Morena
by 6:00pm  Granted I was in shape from having already hiked 1700 miles of
PCT the few previous months.  I was by myself for the most part.  My friend
Max picked up a large amount of trash on the trail.  I did get to see a
couple big helicopters fly over me and demonstrate their mighty show of
force (and probable need for more tax dollars).  I didn't run into anyone.
As dusk was setting in I was climbing back out of Hauser Canyon (got dark at
5:30pm).  I did see a few people walking the road, but I was pretty far up
out of the canyon to see what they were doing.

As for the Tyvek housewrap.  I talked to my dad and he is going to be
building a garden room onto the house and will probably use his extra Tyvek.
I've had about five people respond already, but if enough people did I could
just buy a new roll of the stuff and handle the mailing portion, get into a
career of Tyvek ground cloth selling I guess.  Could sell it for $.12-.15 a
square foot, depending how cheap I could find it.


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