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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #60

<< Is there some reason why the Kearsarge Pass Trail/Independence CA route
 not be being used as an alternate resupply route by JMT hikers?   >>

Most JMT hikers start or end their treks at Mt. Whitney, which is only 2 days
or less from Kearsarge Pass.  The southbound PCT hiker, who is likely to
continue to Kennedy Meadows and beyond, would have another 85 miles (and
perhaps another 4 days) to walk from Kearsarge Pass before reaching the next
resupply at Kennedy Meadows. So the JMT hiker has little need to resupply in
Independence, while the PCT hiker may want to keep his or her pack a little
lighter while going over the high passes.   Keep in mind it's a time
consuming chore to hitch a ride to town from the Onion Valley trailhead.
 During my thru-hike in '96 several of us borrowed a car to get into town.
 Lone Pine is another option to consider, and it's easier to get a ride from
the parking lot east of Trail Pass.
roger carpenter
Mexico>>>Canada 96
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