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[pct-l] Snow Pack

Hi y'all...

Regarding the recent discussion about this year's mountain snow, the
California state government maintains a web page that has a tremendous
amount of information on the current snow pack. The data are telemetered
daily from remote sensors throughout the Sierra and Cascades. The web page
is continuously updated with the info.  You can find the average
percent-of-normal snow depth for the entire state, or you can home in on
graphs that show, for instance, average daily high and low temperatures,
along with snow pack depth, at any one of hundreds of sensor locations
throughout the mountains.

The main home page area can be found at:
The averaged state-wide data can be found at:

For instance, as of today, northern California is averaging 88% of normal
snow-pack water content, central California is averaging 151% of normal,
and southern California (primarily the Southern Sierra) is at 168% of
normal. Taken as a whole, the state is at 136% of normal snow-pack, which
puts us at what we would normally have on April 1st! (Yikes!) But like Ben
said (by the way, hi Ben!), February has been relatively mild so far.

Hope you all find this web site interesting and useful for trip planning.

Tim Conners

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