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[pct-l] re: oh golly!

wendy, the forest queen:

the late eighties/early nineties  were great years for hiking the pct
because of the prolonged california drought.  now we're beginning to see
more normal snowfalls again, with some years (95 esp) much bigger.  this
year is bigger than average, but don't forget the "average" includes ten
years of drought.  so far, the snowfall does not seem to preclude a hike
this year, but the season's not over.  

still, i don't think it would be realistic to try to plan to hike the pct
in a drought year - who knows when the next one will come along?

if the job offer is good enough on its own merits to stall your pct plans,
that is a decision you'll have to make for yourself.  but, maybe, if you're
looking for plausible reasons that this year may not be the best for a hike
so that you can take the job, snowfall is not a good reason (at least for
me).  think seriously about whether you want to postpone your hike.  there
are many tales out there of missed opportunites that do not come again.  

both the hike and the job are opportunities.  which missed opportunity will
be easier for you to live with?

ke kaahawe

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