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[pct-l] Three Week Hike

I've been on this list now for about a year and as the weather on the
mainland gets more like I am used to here in Hawaii, its time to begin
to plan for a 2 to 4 week training hike for April/May along the PCT. 
Would like to hike in Oregan or Washington but am flexible.  My
knowledge of trail conditions in the area (ie snow), and bears, is
limited .  My experience with snow is also limited, although while on
Maui last week I saw lots of snow on the mountains of the Big Island 25
miles away  from atop Haleakela (10025ft).  Getting off my track here.
Would appreciate suggestions on hikes preferably with public transport
access from Seattle or San Francisco.


Geoff O'Hara
Honolulu     mailto:gohara@pixi.com
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