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[pct-l] oh golly!!!

evening all 
i have a very i stress very important question. any one know what the statis
of the hike this year is? see i want to go this year but i was also offered a
great job for a bout a year . i know more info then you all want. but i
thought if any one you in the land of hiking gods and godess live ( i am in
the cold and chilly chicago) knew what the snow was. i mean in comparsion of
p[ast years and  so forth. i almost need to do the hgike this year but i
thought someone osted it was looking prett bad?  i would hate to  miss this
year  i have been planning so hard. so any one everyone neighbors contrymen
nobles and peasents. please help a looney in need. save me save her save us. 
my gear thanks you my dried food thanks you the boots i will wear thank you.
and good night.
wendy aka polite cat
no i am not insane i am just confused today. forgive a ranting lunnie. i miss
my california mountains. the cold has sunk into my brain.
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