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Re: [pct-l] PCT 97 home page

>I have finally posted my home page for my PCT trip this year. ......
>During the hike Joy and I will keep Chris, my wife, and Isaac updated.
>They in turn will keep the www up to date of progress, comments, and
>pictures.  I hope to keep the www updated as to preparation progess, and
>anything of interest to the rest of you.  Check our page and please respond
>(I'll even take criticism).
>Bob & Joy (Bug)

Your page appears to be well thought out and informative.  I'm looking
forward to following you on your hike.  A friend and I are targeting 1999
for our thru hike.  To be able to 'tag along' with you this year will help
with our preparations.  Thanks for putting out the effort.


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