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[pct-l] Vapor Barrier Shirt

I don't like Colin Fletcher's techniques or writing style, so I have to 
confess I'm not sure what context he said to use one, so ignore me if I'm 
off-base. They're counter-productive for quite a few people (not 
everyone, depends on the individual) in any sort of humidty (e.g. snow 
caves, during a typical wet snow in the Cascades), above -20 C, and with 
any sort of exertion on your part. Useful if you're visiting northern 
Manitoba, but I wouldn't bother carrying one 1000 Kilometers on the PCT. 
If you really need a VB, use a garbage bag in a pinch. Whatever you do, 
try one out before you go under conditions you'll encounter- VB bags, 
shirts, and socks are pretty much universally detested by anyone I know 
who's used them, inlcuding myself.
OK, rant over, here's where to get one: Piragis Northwoods 1-800-223-6565

(Their catalog is online URL: http://piragis.com/catalog/index.html)
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