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[pct-l] Ground Cloth

I believe it was Brick who recently suggested using a product normally used
in house construction as a ground cloth. I remember there were questions
about where to get it short of buying a whole roll.

Last night at a Wilderness Basics Course, someone brought ground cloths to
sell on the "swap table." This is all the information I have so far, but some
of you may be interested. I will try to find out more next Tuesday (Feb.

The information sheet identified the product as "Weight Weenie Ground Tarp."
It was 6' by 6' and sells for $6.50. There was also a larger size (I'm not
sure just how much larger right now) available for $9.50. The information
said the product was made from "Tyvex, a vapor barrier used in house
construction." I'll try to find more information and let you all know.

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