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[pct-l] VB

Hello everyone!

     Although I have exchanged email with a few of you individually I think 
that this is my first post to the group.  Therefore a brief introduction is 
probably in order.  I've been backpacking about 4 years.  I initially used it 
as a crutch to (successfully!) help me quit smoking and have really gotten
into it since.  About six months ago I stumbled on the PCT while searching for
places to go backpacking in the Sierras and was immediately captivated.  I'm
now in the planning/training phase (I'm pretty cautious by nature) and plan to 
do a thru-hike in '98.
     One of the concepts I have encountered in my reading is vapor barriers.
For example, Colin Fletcher favorably discusses his experience with a VB shirt 
in his "Complete Backpacker" book.  Since VB appears to be compatible with
minimum weight backpacking -- something thru-hikers are generally obsessed
with -- I have been surprised by the lack of information and discussion about 
it.  VB could be used along the colder sections of the PCT; if a thru-hike is 
attempted per the schedule Ray Jardine recommends, VB could be used in the 
Sierras and also at the end of the trek in Washington.
     In the marketplace I have found VB socks and a sleeping bag liner.  I 
personally am interested in trying a VB shirt; unfortunately I have not found 
a source for one.
     So what's the situation with VB?  Does anyone know where I can get a VB 

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