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[pct-l] Pacific Crest Trail

 After all the worries of sending my packages too early, and having the P.O.
send them back before I arrived, I get this message today:

>A couple days ago, a card I'd sent to a general post office two summers ago
>finally came back.  As you'd solicited before your adventure in '95, I'd sent
>you a card.  It apparently sat at the P.O. for moons, only recently returning
>it.  Of course, it went to my Virginia address, and they forwarded it here.
> Wonder how much other mail you never got...  

I has  been awfully quiet lately on this list. Here are some bits of advice
for this years class:

Get a piece of Tyvek Housewrap for your ground cloth. The stuff is feather
light and really tough. I bet one sheet would last for a whole trip.

Use a sleeping bag liner. Light silk works best. Polypro is much bulkier,
and some folks thinks it retains odor.

A liner adds warmth, and you wash the liner, instead of your sleeping bag.
The commercial ones cost a lot (about $60 for silk - last time I checked),
so I made my own. If anyone wants, I might be able to find some remnant silk
at a local store, and make you one, if you don't have a machine/remnant
store/this skill to sew.
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          


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