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>2. maps maps maps.  do i really need all maps i mean do i have to buy all
>those maps  can i just get the importna tparts. (some people said most of the
>trail is marked well)   i am tring to keep costs dowm or can i use the maps
>in the books? you know the california and oregon and washington books

I just can't understand why anyone on THE trip of a lifetime (and, by now,
I've been about everywhere), would be concerned about saving money. In
addition. I can't imagine going ANYWHERE without having maps of all the
places that I could see from a pass or a peak-really lets you feel your
place in the world.

>3. boots . ray says fabric boots for snow and slush but i can not find any
>cloth ones only seade leather and what not.  so HELP!!!!

Pick your poison. Heavy or light;  fabric or leather or suede. They've all
go plusses and minuses.
 I think Ray Jardine is a terrific guy, but most people will not even WANT
to hike the PCT in his style. The anxious searches for  corn pasta just
make me giggle...

Ben Schifrin
17360 Highgrade Lane
Sonora, CA 95370
Home: (209) 586-5767
Work: (209) 526-4500 ext 6911

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