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>2. maps maps maps.  do i really need all maps i mean do i have to buy all
>those maps  can i just get the importna tparts. (some people said most of the
>trail is marked well)   i am tring to keep costs dowm or can i use the maps
>in the books? you know the california and oregon and washington books.

First off, the trail IS NOT WELL MARKED! Without the Wilderness Press
guidebooks you WILL GET LOST! However, the only maps you need to find the
trail are contained in the guidebooks. I also liked to have a "big picture"
map along with me, and I bought and carried several over the length of CA. I
found I ended up only using the state road maps, in addition to the
guidebook maps. FWIW, most folks carve up the guidebook into sections, and
mail it ahead.

>3. boots . ray says fabric boots for snow and slush but i can not find any
>cloth ones only seade leather and what not.  so HELP!!!!

Ray says a lot of things. Some will work for you, some wont. I am a running
shoe kinda guy, and I used my running shoes with gortex socks in the snow,
and I though it worked great! I wore a polypro sock against my skin, then
the gortex, the a heavier synthetic sock over the gortex to protect it. I
was not very comfortable on really firm early morning snow as I likes, and I
am a relativley experience mountaineer. I would probably give the same
reccomendation as Jardine for the snow sections for folks without a lot of
climbing experience.

There are several fabric boots available, and most are made by the running
shoe companies. I would try looking at http://www.nike.com and I also think
that roadrunner sports (the biggest running shoe mail order catalog in the
usa) may carry them http://www.roadrunner.com.

San Diego, CA 

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