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[pct-l] editorial on logging

>i would like to know what everyone thought of brick robbin's editorial
>in the communicator about protecting the pct from logging.

I like Brick's approach and it seems reasonable.  More importantly,
however, is the fact that it is asking the PCTA to take a stand on a
very important issue.

If you have an opinion on this issue, please let Ben York, the PCTA's
president, know how you feel.  With a board meeting coming up in Seattle
(1/18/97), Brick's proposal is likely to get a lot more attention by the
board if it knows how important it is to its members.  (If you aren't a
member, become one by calling 888-PCTRAIL.)  Direct mail to Ben York at
71204.1015 (Bob Ballou will forward them to Ben).

Steve Queen
Mount Hood Area Coordinator
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