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[pct-l] i need a little advise.... again


>1. any suggestions for buying a ice axe. i mean any good ones bad ones. my
>ice axe teacher  said i needed  at least a 70 cm but ray says small.  i lookd
>at the store and there are so many choices all with great info but which one.

I am no expert.  Since we need an axe for self-arrest only, wouldn't a 
lightweight aluminum one suffice?  Like the Cassin Dragonfly or Lowe LW250
or whatever it's called?  These weigh 9 or 10 ozs, I think.  That's what
I have planned on.  My ice axe teach said 65 or 70, to get a good grip at
both ends when you need it.  Only a walking stick in deep snow or climb!
But I don't know.  Many more knowledgable people will kick in, I'm sure.

>4. ok ok i lied i have one more question. any suggestions or thoughts about
>treking poles.

I bought a pair of standard ski poles for $15 in a used sporting goods store,
new.  I don't think you really need Leki poles, with springs, etc.  But hey!
quien sabe?

Happy new year! (Chicago - yikes!)


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