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Re: [pct-l] RE: Hiking in the snow.

Alan T. Julliard wrote:
>   Though I am primarily a skiier, I have a fair amount of experience with
> snowshoes as well.  For the High Sierra section of the PCT, I bought a pair
> of plastic snowshoes, not wanting to spend the money for regular shoes, and
> they served me well.  However, this was spring snow, which has melted and
> refrozen a lot and is therefore much more supportive than freshly fallen
> snow.  I own a pair of traditional wooden snowshoes now which I use mostly
> for doing work around the cabin, such as cutting firewood, which is very
> impractical on skis.  These shoes differ from yours in that they are
> somewhat larger, made of wood and neoprene and have a tail, which helps as a
> kind of keel for this style of shoe...........  

>   I hope this helps.  Snowshoeing is a LOT of fun!
> Alan



Wow...what a great post!  Thank you for sharing your winter wilderness
experiences with me.  I read your post with great enjoyment and will
heed your advice on the snow terrain and on the clothing.  I just got my
own Gortex shell, gloves, etc. (much to the delight of my husband). 
He's been lending me his outerwear for awhile now while I was waiting to
see if I was going to get serious about any outdoor winter activities. 
I enjoy xc skiing but always tended to shun cold winter outtings.  I've
become very addicted to hiking so whatever it takes to keep me out there
year 'round I'm willing to do.  I also do road hikes when that's my last
resort but pounding the pavement isn't near as exciting as the

I appreciate your great advice.  My husband is a great outdoorsmen and I
know I could go to him with all my questions.  But I like doing the
research on my own and asking and finding answers to questions that I
don't know.  I've found this list to be filled with some very nice
people who are very willing to share their experiences and knowledge. 
Down the road, I will share some of my favorite trails in Central PA for
those of you who may happen to venture this way some day.

Thanks again Alan...yes, this does help a lot!

Happy Holidays to You and Everyone on the PCT!

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