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[pct-l] Northern Oregon trail maintenance; Intro; PCT Slide Show

RE:    PCT trail maintenance in northern Oregon/southern Washington:  
                        Yes, there is a group doing PCT trail work in
northern Oregon/southern Washington.  The Mt. Hood Chapter of the PCTA is
presently responsible for about 145 miles of the PCT:  Mt. Hood NF, the
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area north and south of the river and
up a ways into the Gifford Pinchot NF.  This group has been active since
1992.  Steve Queen, coordinator, PCTA Mt. Hood Chapter, keeps the people and
projects going.  You can reach Steve at <71223.43@compuserve.com> or (503)
639-5699.  A web page for this group is in the works.

INTRO:    I'm Lesya Struz; I completed the PCT in 1991.  In Oregon, active
with Mazamas and with Mt. Hood Chapter PCTA trail maintainer group,
1992-1996. Helped establish PCT thru-permit.  Charter member of ALDHA-West.
Moved recently to Boston area from Portland, Oregon.   Proud to be a(n
east-coast) member of the board of directors of the Pacific Crest Trail
Association (PCTA).  

PCT SLIDE SHOW, BOSTON & NEW ENGLAND:   Happy to help with PCT questions.
Plan to give PCT slide show  locally and around New England starting  in
spring '97 and provide information/referrals.  Please get in touch if you'd
like the PCT SHOW to come your way!

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