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[pct-l] Bob and Joy's hike

>My name is Bob Turner.  I live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (pronounced core duh
>lane).  My wife and two kids (now 14 and 17) have hiked alomost all of the
>PCT through WA and OR.  This coming spring Joy, the 14 year old, and I will
>depart from Campo for Canada.  The trip is something she really wants to
>do, and it provided me the motivation to go for it as well.


  I am very excited to you and your daughter and hope that you will post the
list frequently with your plans and once you are on the trail (if someone
can do that for you).  Could you post your proposed schedule?  How are you
able to leave work (assuming you are) for such a long period?  Is Joy's
school giving her credit for the hike?  I am amazed that a 14 year old would
even try to hike the trail - my almost-teenage son enjoys backpacking but
not on this kind of scale.  Best wishes!


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