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[pct-l] re intro and a note to all

hi let me say i am glad this list is back i was going thru withdrawal. anyway
since it is new i thought i give my intro again. 
my name is wendy aka polite cat i am a pain in the but as far as hiking help
goes. you see i grew up  outside of chicago il and let me tell ya there idea
of wilderness is a flat landscaped plot of land that you can walk with a
walker or crawl through.  i have been a nanny (no mary poppins jokes please)
for 12 years traveling the usa and found california a few years ago and along
with it discovered the outdoors the real and wild out doors. two years ago i
was fliping thru a magizine and say some info on the pct. i went crazy
lightbulbs blining whisles blowing bells ringing. the works. so i began
thinking and planning but not really see i had a herniated disk in my back
from (no laughing i am telling the truth) a broken toe. my cat was mad and
tried to attack me causing me to stub my 4th toe on the bed post breaking it.
and by waering the walking cast caused my back to freak out. so i dicided
after surgery on my back that i would give myself a goal a reachable and
trainable goal. so here i am on the way in may 97. i dried food took classes.
and have been hiking working out and everything.  so a month after i turn
(30) yikes!!! i will be heading off.  a long bio i know but my fingers took

ps thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed my adventure story. i was advised
by a friend to share it with you all. i hope you smiled along with me through
it and thanks for the support. you all understand other non hikers think i am
insane crazed and actually wacko when in fact i am just i love with live
nature and the world. so sleep well my hiker pals and dream the dreams of
trees and clean air.
wendy sulda aka polite cat
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