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[pct-l] re intro

It gratifies me to see a little action in the group.  A hearty welcome to
all you new folks!

My name is Bob Turner.  I live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (pronounced core duh
lane).  My wife and two kids (now 14 and 17) have hiked alomost all of the
PCT through WA and OR.  This coming spring Joy, the 14 year old, and I will
depart from Campo for Canada.  The trip is something she really wants to
do, and it provided me the motivation to go for it as well.

We have explored some of Jardines techniques, of ultra light hiking, and
have a middle of the road position.  There are many ways to cut weight, but
comfort has a value as well.  If ultra light is the way you want to go try
it out on some short trips first.

I have a very light pack that isn't very comfortable, and then I have my
Dana.  Between the two its hands down for the Dana.  Did a trip last summer
where I carried only 22 pounds, and was very uncomfortable in the light
pack, I never felt uncomfortable in the heavier pack, even after a 23 mile
day.  But that again is my comfort see what works and go with what you

We have lots of snow here, and I hope to get out for some ski touring over
the holidays.  Merry Christmas and Holiday Greeetings to all!

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