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[pct-l] Re: Hello!!


<<  I'm very interested in hiking parts of the PCT this summer.  I'm from San
Diego. ...  I'm looking for information on where I can get high quality
equipment at good prices.  Most of my camping equipment was stolen on a trip
to Oregon.  I'm saving up though and I'm very  excited about hitting the
trail solo for about six weeks.  Anyone have any suggestions about equipment
or survival?  I'm thinking about picking up the PCT guide book. >>

For quality equipment, try A16 (Adventure 16) or REI (Recreational Equipment
Inc.). They both have qualified associates who can help you chose equipment
for the type of hiking you plan. 

Regarding survival, the Sierra Club offers a Wilderness Basics Course
beginning in mid-January 1997. The San Diego Chapter holds one course in the
vicinity of downtown; the North County Group (of the San Diego Chapter) also
offers the course in the Escondio area. 

My advice? Don't even think about starting the PCT without reading the PCT

Happy Hiking,
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