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Re: [pct-l] Hiking club or partner(s)

In a message dated 96-12-20 09:45:46 EST, CBERRY@ALOHA.intel.com (CHUCK
BERRY) writes:

<< I have recently moved to the Portland, OR, area and I'm looking for a
hiking partner for 3-4 day treks on the PCT.   >>


Please help me understand what type of trips you plan on the PCT. Are you
looking for a hiking partner for "3 or 4 day-hikes" along the PCT, or a
partner for multiple treks of "perhaps 3 or 4 days each?"

I like to day-hike when trail access will allow so I'd be interested in
knowing directions to trailheads that only "local residents" may know. You
see, I live about as far away from you as one can get along the route of the
PCT (I live in San Diego).

While I'm still hiking the PCT within California, one day I'll make it to
Oregon so I'd like to read your trip reports (on this LIST) and learn
directions to out-of-the-way trailheads.

Happy hiking,

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