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[pct-l] Introduction

Well, I guess I should also make an introduction.  I've been lurking 
too long.  I've just started to do lots more backpacking in the last 
year. You know, this list could get very crowded if people realized it 
provides some of the best backpacking information on the Internet.  I 
will be hiking some of my first segments this summer.  Hopefully, I'll 
get a chance to meet some of you out there.  I'm lucky in that I live 
in Manteca, CA, so portions of the trail are quite close.  Thank you 
all for the great information I've already gotten from the list.  Take 
care and good hiking.

Frank Berghuis
Pacific Bell Database Marketing
2600 Camino Ramon 1S850L, San Ramon, CA  94583
(510 823-1037  Pager: (510) 358-9714
Email: fmbergh@pacbell.com

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