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[pct-l] Introduction

I'm happy to be on this list and read all your wonderful adventures.  My name
is Martha Manzano (Marty) and I live in Falls Church, VA, so my backpacking
is done on the Appalachian Trail (trail name is Gypsy) and other trails in
the East.  I'm thru-hiking the AT this coming year (March to September).
 When I finish, I hope to begin planning for a thru hike of the PCT.  I won't
say exactly how old I am, but I just took an early retirement from a budget
analyst job.

I sort of choked when I read the comment about no more leather boots or
coffee in the morning!  I have to have both, but I'm interested in the
concept of wearing lighter weight footwear when hiking in the West.  I doubt
if I can ever give up my morning coffee though :-)))

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