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[pct-l] Re: Survival

<<ps i do need to say that if i had not taken the survial class i would be
dead. i would have had on cotton i would not have had any of the clothes i
had with me or the survial gear. i am also proud of me becaus ei did not
panic freak or cry i did not worry or afraid. i was calm and found humor in
it. so i hope to talk with you all soon have a great weekend and smile. the
world is a beautiful place. >>

Wendy, your post was wonderful!  I'm so happy for you -- you did just great!
 It was especially interesting to me because I, too, have taken some survival
courses and feel confident I could handle an emergency like yours and stay in
the woods overnight if I had to.  Of course, you never know how you'll react
until it happens to you, and you came through just fine!  Congratulations

Martha (Marty) Manzano

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